Capturing the quarterlane summer

I've been sharing some sneak peaks for the past couple of weeks, and I am so excited to now share the details of a new Mack & Ro collaboration! Founded by Elizabeth Lane, quarterlane is new company that brings the most celebrated books of the season to your doorstep, along with some other treasures!
If you are anything like me, you have little or no time to look for book recommendations - and if you do, you'll most likely forget them by the time you go to order. This summer, quarterlane has made it easy by pulling together a beautiful summer reading box that includes three of this summer's best reads.  They are beautifully packaged and even come along with a custom quarterlane Sloane stationery journal and a cotton turkish towel.  
This season, quarterlane is featuring Mack & Ro with some watercolors to capture the feel of a quarterlane summer.  I am beyond thrilled to partner with an amazing new company that I will surely be customer of myself.  If your looking for a little summer escape to be delivered to your door (or someone else's - it makes a perfect gift!) I hope you visit quarterlane.    

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