The Art of Commissions

To many, commissioning a piece of art may seem like a luxury.  The process can be intimidating and feel out of reach.  There are actually options for most budgets, you just have to know where to start.  

Find an Artist

Every community out there has artists ready and waiting to create a special piece for your wall.  Spend some time at local galleries, visit art fairs, and explore through social media to find art that speaks to you.  Research their price points (commissions are going to be more expensive than art in their current inventory) and think about where you see their art fitting into your home.  Once you've narrowed it down to one or two, reach out to see if they do commissions (they probably do) and learn more about their process.   


Every artist approaches commissions in their own unique way.  Some find a lot of communication and information helpful, while others may prefer an initial discussion about direction and that's it. In most cases you should be prepared to discuss what room the art will be displayed in, what size you need, and what are your favorite things about the artists current inventory.  For example, is there a piece you love, but you wish it had more green or was a different size?  The artist will also discuss timing with you.  A commissioned piece of art takes time, so be sure to allow enough time if you have a deadline in mind.  One thing to keep in mind is that you choose an artist because you feel a connection to their work, and to end up with a piece that feels true to that connection, you have to trust the process.  

The End Result - One of a Kind Art

Original commissioned art brings incredible energy to a space.  It can be the final piece that pulls every thing together, or the catalyst to the design of an entire room.  Custom artwork is the special touch - the "bling" for any space!

Mack & Ro Commissions

I am beyond excited when someone asks me to commission a piece of artwork for their home.  If you are local I'm happy to come visit the space, or look at fabric swatches and paint chips you are incorporating in the room.  We will discuss size and colors, as well as some inspiration pieces from past work.  Custom pieces take 6-8 weeks start to finish.  To learn more about commissioning a piece, please email me -  




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